The Crypto Retriever
1 min readNov 27, 2023


Get your Crypto wallet back with The Crypto Retriever

Put your trust in the wallet recovery ecosystem’s most reputable brand for a hassle-free and speedy wallet recovery today.

How does our Service Work?

If you give us a copy of your crypto backup (Backup file) and your best guesses for your password, we will use those guesses to create patterns and try to understand your thinking. Then, we’ll use different techniques like using a dictionary, mask, and bruteforce attack with our powerful GPU and multicore-based machine to try and find your password.

Secure, Air-Gapped Servers

We make sure that all your secure client data is stored and processed on safe, isolated servers to ensure the utmost protection for your information.

Industry Leading Attacks

We use the latest, most advanced attack strategies in the industry to achieve a top-notch success rate in password recovery.

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The Crypto Retriever

TCRetriever is an expert in crypto recovery, restoring forgotten wallet passwords with precision.