How to recover blockchain wallet password

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2 min readFeb 27, 2024

How to recover your lost blockchain password:

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Losing access to your or password can be frustrating, but with the right approach, you can recover it securely. Learn how to recover blockchain account with ease.

What is blockchain? :, originally known as, has been a prominent player in the cryptocurrency world since its inception in 2011. With over 85 million wallets created by users as of December 2022, it’s recognized as a leading digital wallet for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

How Does Blockchain Wallets Work:
Blockchain wallets operate as “hybrid” wallets, storing an encrypted version of your wallet’s private key on their servers while keeping your password secure. This unique setup offers convenience, continuity, and enhanced security for users.

Difficulties In Recovering Blockchain Wallet Password:
Unfortunately, if you’ve misplaced your password and haven’t recorded your 12-word wallet recovery phrase, cannot assist in password recovery. However, there are solutions available through services like most trustable crypto wallet recovery service with more than 100+ satisfied customers across the world, and a total of $3 million worth of assets has been recovered by The Crypto Retriever Group. You can reach out to them through Telegram or Mail

Steps To Recover Your Blockchain Account :
1. Identifying Your Wallet ID
Your Wallet ID serves as your username for accessing your Blockchain account. Retrieve it through your email account, where Blockchain sends notifications.

2. Password Guessing :
2.1 Understand the password requirements: A minimum of 10 characters, with certain strings disallowed.
2.2 Utilize common password creation patterns: Reused passwords, 2.3 number placements, and special characters.
2.3 Refer to your browser’s password manager for inspiration.

3. Creating a Password List:
3.1 Compile a list of potential passwords and variations systematically.
3.2 Use a spreadsheet to organize your guesses, ensuring methodical testing.
3.3 Create permutations of password tokens based on your patterns and preferences.

4. Get Professional Help
If you’re unable to recover your password independently, services like specialize in password recovery. They employ brute force decryption techniques to unlock wallets, charging a fee only upon successful recovery.

Losing access to your Blockchain wallet password can be a daunting experience, but it’s not the end of the road. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can increase your chances of recovering your password and regaining access to your cryptocurrency funds. Remember to stay persistent, explore all avenues, and consider seeking professional assistance if needed.

For further inquiries or assistance, reach out to via email or their contact page. Don’t let a lost password keep you from accessing your digital assets. Read Testimonials



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